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Manufacturing ERP systems are now ubiquitous in large businesses and the current move by vendors is to repackage them for small to medium enterprises (SMEs).

What does the manufacturing industry need in an ERP?

The ERP for the manufacturing industry needs an intuitive user interface, process based screen structures, easy online help, and data visualization that allows users to work securely, instinctively, and effectively. The entire system should have an option to be developed and improved on the go. Qukind adopting latest technology updates frequently and adapting to the new updates This prevents the ERP to be outdated, in other words scalable. The software manufacturer should also provide the customer with after-sales support and information on upgrades should be available to the client all the time. Qukind strives to stay on the forefront of the latest technology developments to enhance customer benefits.

An ERP service provider will be an excellent choice for your company if it can take your company’s specific requirements, such as business processes, screens and database structures, and easily integrate them into its own ERP software and amend them to fit your organizational structure. When the upgrade is completed, your individual modifications such as screen fields, custom reports, new functions, and macros will not be affected and you can continue using the same functions made for your individual business.The best offer for the organizations is the ERP solution for online stores. The online store solution must help merchants to efficiently build, manage, and personalize their scalable stores. Qukind offers the complete intelligent solution for online trading that fosters increased corporate and customer value by facilitating customer communication and satisfaction while reducing costs.

Online Store helps optimize and ease for your customers the processes of search, comparison, and selecting products. Your customers can configure new computers, make orders, and check order statuses. What more – You can retain and expand your current customer base and increase sales by offering products and services that meet your customers’ needs; reduce commercial cost of each transaction; have visibility of demand; forecast sales volume and optimize the stock of your goods.

Our Online store management solution includes Product Content Management, e-Catalog, easy-configure Order Management, Website Content Management, and Connectors with ERP systems. This suite enables your company to efficiently manage customer processes, ship orders, collect payments and more — all from applications that are built on the platform with unified information architecture In Microsoft platform. Start calling us @ +91-8680008895 to know more about our ERP software Services or fill in the short form here to enable us call you back.>