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Open source

Qukind and Opensource technologies:

Opensource as a technology is a blessing in disguise for companies that invest a fortune in IT application. The advent of this no-cost technology has helped companies to cutdown operating costs on licensing Qukind has immaculate experience in handling and developing opensource solutions. We implement this incredible experience to eradicate the following

Solutions we offer:

We offer solutions through a detailed assessment of our client’s specific requirements. We implement flexible and adaptable solutions based on the type of requirement and the technology that best suits the demand. Before development, our expert team builds a roadmap with pre-analyzed opensource technology reports. Our technology focus is on the key areas of your enterprise. The key areas are collaborating CMS, BI, architecture, e-commerce, BPM and enterprise service. The new plans and solutions are framework based and are interoperable. The leveraged opensource technologies will be sealed with ROI. Our investment in R&D of opensource technology has helped us to form alliance with market leaders and build products that are proven opensource assets.

Qukind offers Microsoft technologies based recruitment and applicant tracking system as an open source application for the benefit of Small, medium companies, and web development companies benefited by our source codes to enabling their own job board, please follow the link to download from


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Customized open source implementation:

Qukind intelligence is the safe house of opensource experts that offers excellent practices. Our opensource products are user-friendly and functionally focused. Our in-house team of opensource professionalsis the best choice for strong and longterm business partnerships Our level of expertise in open source technology does not stopwith assessment, development, and implementation. We also extend our services for migration of data and procedures from current system to the existing system. Customized open source implementation is also available for e-commerce. The advantage over the other players is that the maintenance team patches the implemented open source technology with critical updates and bug fixes. This makes your enterprise stay on top-of-the-game. Our concrete experience drives us to build open source RMS systems with bundled features in resonance with your existing system. The system can target any industry namely Human Resource, B2B, e-commerce, web, healthcare and retail Implement opensource technology at your premises and start cutting down operational costs now. Call us to know more @ 91-8680008895 or email us: Related Links Relevant Resources Case Studies casestudy White Sheets whitepaper