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Human Resource System


This HR recruitment software has three major points in the recruitment system, they are The employer, Candidate, and consultancy. Both the employer and the candidate are required to register in the winrecruit enrollment system in the consultancy version. On registration, both employers and job seekers are given a unique username and password to login.

Winrecruit- for consultancy

Everyday a number of examinations, recruitment’s, and online evaluations take place. With the supply exceeding the demand, organisations find it no easy job to filter the best of the candidates for their human resource.

The consultancy

Employee task statistics

This includes a bar graph representation of the task’s status undertaken by the staff. The statuses are signified through color variations of the bar graph such as starting tasks, paused tasks, in progress task and completed tasks. The x-axis consists of the employees and y-axis consists of the task count.

Resume statistics

Side-bar graph displays information on received resumes of candidates. The range on x-axis is the count of resumes and the y-axis denotes the industry type. There are three tab boxes displaying information on vacancy, the paused vacancy, and the person in charge of that vacancy. The other tab displays the list of completed vacancies.

My tasks

My tasks provide a comprehensive list of tasks that need to be done, classified by the date. The further details present are the name of the person who assigned the task and the deadlines.


In another three tabbed box, the invoice tab displays information on the invoices sent, payment dues, and pending payments. All the three tabs display invoice number, date and company name.

The Employee control

Create your team members using add new user module. Assign job roles for that particular user. You can also control the menu options and reporting options while you create a new user. The created user will have access to their dashboard.

The branch control

If you are to open additional offices, you have the feature to create a separate module for your branches and automate your branch functions within that module.

The Employer

For employers who are willing to team up with the job consultancy for candidates, there is a registration option. With a unique username and password, the employers can access their accounts. They can post jobs; they can also look into the interview schedules. The interviewed and selected candidate profiles are included for easy filtering and also there are templates of offer letters for appointed candidates. These letters can be printed in an instant. The company information of the employer can also be stored. Reports can be generated by the employer on jobs and candidate application for jobs at a particular time range. The posted jobs are provided with a start and end date. After the closing date, the job vacancy will not be active in the portal/system. The reports can be listed and printed or exported into a work sheet. The offer letter and appointment letter templates are powered by Business box. The candidates can be classified as ‘interested’, ‘called’, ‘offered’, ‘wait list’, ‘rejected’, ‘medical and visa processes, ‘departure’ and ‘joined’. These classifications are denoted as the status of the candidates. These are available in reports too. The candidate's profiles are visible only when the consultancy approves the profile to the company.

The job seeker

The job seekers are allowed to post their resume information, browse through jobs based on location, category and by company. Mandatory information is obtained during registration. The information of the candidate such as work experience, display image, contact details, CV, education etc can be updated anytime. There is a percentage meter that measures the completeness of the profile. There is an option to load your current and expected salary details. Based on skillset and previously applied job history, related jobs are displayed on the jobseeker’s page. Instant apply option is available too. There is no reporting module for the candidate.

Task management

Select a company and select the job and select the candidate that has applied to a job. Set the interview of the candidates to all the employees of the consultancy. Employees can view their daily task on their dashboard. The tasks are as follows, resume search, telephonic interview, written test, in-person interview, HR round, discussion on offer and appointment. The candidate status can also be declared based on their reply. The employee takes up the task and closes the task by forwarding the profile of the client/employer module.


The consultancy can bill for all successfully closed jobs through the invoicing module. Select the client name and the positions that have been closed, bill the customer directly with paid/non-paid status. The user can also add the start and end date to the invoice.

Winrecruit for corporate

The advantage of winrecruit is that the web based HR recruitment software is scalable for corporate use too.

The employer

The employer dashboard contains a quick preview of job application status. The status in the bar graph is displayed through the change of colors. There is likewise a side bar graph displaying the count of resumes based on the industry. The page provides information on open and closed jobs by job role and posted date. Recent jobs posted by the employer are also listed in a tab with the job name and the date. Scheduled interviews display in the upcoming interview tab.

The Candidate

The job seeker homepage is filled with the details of his/her own portfolio. There are related jobs displayed based on the skill sets. The list of recently applied jobs gives an advantage to review the list of jobs applied for. There is also a recent jobs display. The interesting factor is that the recent job panel is instantly updated every time a new job is posted. There is also news and events tab for the employer or consultancy to notify the job seeker in case of any interview appointments or job fair. The candidate can edit their profiles as much as they are needed.

Web Interface

Corporates can make use of Winrecruit’s UI to interlink it with their website’s career page. With the career page interlinked into Qukind’s Winrecruit, a recruitment management system is made available in your corporate. You can now post or delete jobs, display your latest jobs with ease by applying the system.

Candidate/job seeker

Let the candidate register on your corporate website rather than surfing through job portals. The candidate can apply for new and existing jobs in a single click after registration. The candidate can update his/her experience and personal information anytime.

The HR Manager/Admin

The top HR can now control every stage of your organization’s recruitment with ease and comfort. The HR manager can create user profiles for his team members with a unique username and password. The manager can also restrict user modules, set tasks for the team, allocate tasks for every team member and review the status of the same. The software has added features like analyzing the team member's performance, generating reports on individual performances based on task completeness, set skill sets, and salary for every job posted.

End process

The HR-manager can readily print offer and appointment letters. Status can be set to the candidate as hired. The hired candidates count is reflected in the invoice-ready list.