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E-com – Open Source Technologies

Scalable IT solutions that are entirely Open-Source are available with Qukind, one of the dynamic players in the software domain. The dazzling benefits are scalability, affordability, and integrity all from a single experienced and expert provider. In the recent times, the software buyer's market is more inclined towards an open-source online system rather than a licensed technology version. With a great number of organisations developing applications on Open Source as well as migrating to Open-Source platform, our cost effective services are high on demand Be an online retailer, a business owner or an agency, we offer the best e-commerce solutions in town. Our customer-centric approach aims to fit every business need within the limited budgets of the clients. It is to be noted that quality assurance is one of our top priorities throughout every project We deploy open-source software engineers who are capable of identifying the right technology for your requirement within your budget. Stringent quality-reforms are implemented to bring out the best and most efficient E-com products.

With the growing popularity of open source applications and Java, there are opportunities for a no-cost development of software for web applications. When companies think of open source, it is ‘business agility’, a quality they increasingly value above all others in this fast-changing marketplace. The ability to create new applications quickly, reliably and economically is drawing businesses big and small to open source and emboldening them to use it for ever-larger projects, IT practitioners say. Open source platform’s low cost development and deployment has contributed to a widespread adoption of development tools. These include operating systems like GNU/Linuxn and application servers like boss, integrated development environments such as Eclipse and version control systems like CVS.

These applications offer companies the ability to manage all aspects of business, from customers to orders, from inventory to manufacturing and accounting, all-in-one application. This confiscates the need for integration and fastening different units of the business. Instead, it's all done with one application suite using 700+ tables that capture activity throughout the enterprise. The application is built around a very modular service-oriented architecture (SOA) which allows you to add new components or communicate to other applications via web services easily. Finally, it can be deployed on either Linux or Windows and using either open source databases such as MySQL and commercial ones such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server.

We have a large pool of existing applications and a global community of developers or assemblers and we customize it to fit the client’s unique requirements of any business model. The enterprise software can be built ‘on demand’. The open source platform is becoming a driver that empowers greater innovation in the real economy. All the innovation that’s happening in this platform can help to power new business models, new products and services for real people.