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Software Application Development – Microsoft and Java Technologies

Java and Microsoft technology based software application development is one of the key services of Qukind. This gives us an edge over the other players in the market. Java is famous for its ‘write once, run anywhere feature ’. Hence the solutions provided by us are lighter and more robust. The products are cross-platform compatible and friendly on devices. Being a ‘Microsoft Partner’ the team has incredible access to knowledge-base and experience in providing the best web-based applications ever. With this incredible combination of technology and intelligence we bring out the best UI in our solutions. This is because Microsoft Technology is known for its attention grabbing UI. The software intelligence team weaves magic to make the technology work for you and every user who uses our ERP, CRM products. We support Open-source technology as security has become the most important phase in any software product. We start with building you the perfect solution and do not stop only at just selling. Our tech support helps you with all technical queries and feed backs to improvise on future products.

Customers are looking for partner companies that can bridge the gap between their business demands and technology capabilities. They are in need of responsible and reliable partners who can act as expert advisers and devise long-term strategic technology plans. Using Java and Microsoft technologies, Qukind has an excellent track record in the software development domain. Our expert pool of Java and Microsoft professionals coupled with our global delivery capabilities ensure that projects are delivered on time, meeting the client’s requirements. Our web-based solutions are easy to upgrade, migrate and maintain with minimum risk and at minimal cost. Our expertise lies in understanding the distinctive needs of our clients and providing the accurate solution in terms of software to augment the business needs and having it lighter on the pockets of the organization as well.

Comprehensive and customized solutions:

We offer simple to complex enterprise-class software and best in class web-based applications to our global clients. The synergy with Microsoft enables us to deliver quality applications and products to clients. This expertise puts Qukind at top proficiency to help customers drive innovative solutions on the latest Microsoft technology. This Microsoft Software Development competence certifies Qukind’s capability of developing and deploying Microsoft-based database solutions. The software solutions we offer are comprehensive, customized and cost-effective as well. The products developed speak value not only on the technology we use but also the systematic approach we follow for the software product development process. Microsoft partners can now benefit from additional tools, bundled services and valuable resources supporting the development of enhanced customized solutions.

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